55. HOCM Horns

Football, basketball, baseball and definitely poker are all exciting athletic sports. Working out can be healthy... but much like bodybuilding, too big is too big. HOCM is the most common cause of sudden death in Americans <40, so let's talk about this classic board topic! We’ll cover ALL you need to know. Also shout out to Lavar Burton... listen and you'll see.

52. A Fib: The Russian Conspiracy

Been watching the news lately? We think the Russians are up to something. FaceApp --> A. fib. Get ready America. Let's talk ALL ABOUT this high yield rhythm. We cover quick pathophysiology, types of A fib, complications, rate and rhythm control, cardioversion, and who gets anticoagulated. Phew! Get ready!

Website: www.emboardbombs.com

49. Penetrating Neck Trauma: Death by Elder Wand!

On this episode, we will explore the neck and why the Elder Wand should not be used by nerdy & clumsy friends in enclosed spaces. We talk why zoning is super lame and not on boards anymore (so don't learn it), a cool mnemonic to remember neck injuries in the ED, and who needs CTA vs OR. As a bonus, we talk pitfalls of intubating these patients! Wow that's quite a menu- all free and available to you 24/7.

48. Hocus POCUS 2: ED Ultrasound on exams

Return of the Jedi- Dr. Casey Glass joins our intrepid hosts again to discuss POCUS and high yield exam questions related to it. We talk 1st trimester US, tamponade, abruption, and torsion. Altogether, its a pretty fun experience apart from the lame jokes.

46. Pneumonia- The old man's friend

Why the hell is the P silent in Pneumonia? In other news, we talk dispositions, antibiotics, and all about PORT/PSI. HIGH yield classic main course stuff for boards. Gotta eat your veggies as your Mother always told you, well now its time to review common things for boards (PNA). We hope you followed that reference...


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