Accelerate your learning with our EM Question Bank Podcast

This is the most unique airway learning module on the internet. Period.

Get ready for nothing like you’ve seen before in terms of airway learning. This module has it all: short length, high yield videos, and excellent teaching points.

In this learning module we use real-life videos to demonstrate the good, the bad, and the downright ugly of endotracheal intubations.

These videos are for all levels of healthcare physicians, from student to seasoned veteran.

“Air supremacy” is a military term where one side has complete control of the skies and the enemy is incapable of “any effective interference”. “Airway Supremacy” is an EM Board Bombs term which is the ability of a provider to completely control the airway and prevent disease and mayhem from running any effective interference.

The defining skill of airway supremacy is intubation. The main way to secure a patient’s airway in the safest, most efficient way possible.

Much like any sport or trade, intubating is a skill that needs to be honed regularly. Not taking “practice shots” means you become rusty, and you tend to overlook common pitfalls and underestimate difficulty. However, unlike sports, when you miss an intubation it can be life or death for your patient. Life is not a game.

Before we begin…

We want to know where you stand with airway knowledge. Answer these questions! and then come back to join us for more information. There will be a quiz at the end too.

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