Patient is a 40 year old, avid ice fisherman from Minnesota. He's been very upset by how warm the winter has been this year because the lakes haven't frozen over and he hasn't been able to ice fish. After a week long cold spell, he decided "you know what, it's probably safe out on the ice now". He couldn’t be more wrong. After getting about 10 feet out onto the lake, he fell through. He was in the water for about 5 minutes before he was able to pull himself out and walk back his car. Someone saw this happen and called paramedics who arrived and noticed that the man was slurring his speech and was slightly confused.  His temperature at the time was 30 C (91.4 F) and HR 29. He was transported to the ED where he continues to exhibit lethargy and shivering. Which of the following is true?

A. Pacing is indicated for this patient

B. Elevation of the J point is prognostic for mortality

C. Hypothermia causes shortened QT intervals on EKG

D. In severe hypothermia, extremities should be warmed first because they aren't as well perfused as the trunk

E. Allow up to 1 minute for pulse check before defibrillation


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