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We love EM because it is a field of stream-lining the best, most efficient patient care possible- so why does exam preparation need to be any different? Remember how much you learned the first two years of medical school? Of course you don’t. Lecture halls with 4 hours a day of lecture are a thing of the past. Welcome to modern medical education, where podcasts rule the world. 94% of listeners are on social media, 50% who listen are driving and exercising.

Our 10-15 minute podcasts and 1-2 page handouts "cut through" all the hooey and nonsense that gets in the way of efficient studying. We want to deliver focused, pinpoint knowledge bombs. You listen when you want, however you like, and we deliver the most up to date EM exam content in the form of high yield review questions. No sane physician or student enjoys the drivel that involves hardcore exam studying, so let's make it as painless as possible.

Try us out for free and subscribe- you will not be disappointed. Prepare to enhance your education to new heights.